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Focus on your workout, not your watch!

The Mobile Interval Training Timer lets you do what you really want to do:

Focus on your workout, not your watch

Download a trial version of the Mobile Interval Training Timer for free and use it today

You run. And you look at your watch. Or you box. And you look at your watch. You do Tabata. And – well, you get the picture.

I’m an amateur boxer, so I’ve done it too. Looking at my watch to get the intervals right.

Problem is, I couldn’t pay enough attention to my workout. It was driving me crazy.

I did see some watches on line that had interval training timers, but they cost $50, $60, even $80 or so! And I’ve heard they don’t even work well.

Besides that, they only allow you to enter one time for each interval – a rest interval and a work out interval. I like to use multiple intervals within one workout.

I haven’t seen a single interval training timer that can do that.

A Practical, Affordable Solution

Luckily, I’m not just a boxer. I’m also kind of a computer nerd. So I invented my own solution:

The Mobile Interval Training Timer (MITT)

It’s not a thing, it’s a computer file. So you can download it to your cell phone or Blackberry right now!

Because it’s a download, it’s:

  • Much more affordable than those watches
  • There’s no shipping cost
  • It doesn’t need batteries
  • You can download it and use it today
  • Best of all, you can download the trial version for free and try before you buy

So in a lot of ways, it keeps more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.

This Interval Training Timer Makes Workouts Easier and More Effective

I don’t want to brag, but this timer has some great features:

  • You can preset several different workouts. For each one, you set the delay time, workout time, rest time, and maximum number of rounds (see Timer Screen). So there’s no need to re-set the timer for each workout. In fact, it comes with six presets included, which you can completely customize (see Presets Screen).
Timer screen Presets screen
Timer screen Presets screen
  • You can set the delay time, workout time, and rest time to any setting from 1 second to 99 minutes, 59 seconds. You can set the maximum number of rounds to between 1 and 99.
  • It’s easy to read the big numbers (see Number Display screen). This is great if you need to set your phone at a distance and would like to see it while you work out.
Number Display screen
Number Display screen
  • You can set it to vibrate or choose one of four different sounds: Gong, Chinese gong, Tingsha, or Beep* (see Sound Settings screens).
Sound Settings screen#1
Sound Settings screen#2
Sound Settings screens
  • No need to remember to bring anything to else to the gym – your cell phone is always with you.

Even better…

You Can Add More than One Interval to One Workout

For example, you could set one workout as follows:

5-minute workout, 2-minute rest; 5-minute workout, 2-minute rest;
8-minute workout, 4-minute rest; 8-minute workout, 4-minute rest;
6-minute workout, 3-minute rest.

This is especially good for high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

It’s also helpful if you run each morning. You’ll want to split your run into 3 phases: warm up, usual run and cool down. Running too fast immediately after waking up is bad for your heart. Slowing your pace during the cool down protects your heart and muscles. MITT let’s you time the perfect morning run.

Rope Skipping
I have a couple of reasons for needing multiple intervals. For instance, my first exercise in the boxing gym is rope skipping. Usually it lasts 10 to 20 minutes and consists of two phases:

RopeSkipping screen
RopeSkipping screen

The first phase is warming up. At this phase I switch long, normal intensity intervals with short, high intensity intervals. For example, 3 minutes for normal intensity, 15 seconds for high intensity.

Warming up is very important, to help prevent muscle kinks or sprained ligaments. The first phase lasts for 3 rounds.

After that I start the second phase. Here normal intensity intervals are much shorter, while high intensity intervals are the same. I need the second phase to start sweating. If my timer can only time one set of intervals, I’ll need to stop jumping and reset the timer.


I also use several intervals for yoga. Yoga practice consists of changing asanas, or positions. I hold each asana for different length of time, varying from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. I have several pre-programmed presets, which consists of several asanas.

I don’t like to think about time when I’m doing yoga, so the timer softly tells me it’s time to change my asana. Before I added this feature to my timer, I needed to change intervals manually or not use the timer at all, relying on the wall clock instead.

Here’s What People Are Saying after Using the MITT

“It’s a perfect timer for interval training. The alarms are loud enough and I like that it times the rest interval. That’s where I often get tripped up because I rest and get distracted and my rest ends up lasting too long.”

Anita Ashland
Madison, WI

“Easy to use; perfect tool for any martial artist whose training routine consists of different intervals. No similar tool exists. Full screen and big numbers really rock.”

Rok Blagonja

“I use this in archery competition training shooting. In archery there’s 20 seconds to starting time and then 2 minutes to shoot the three arrows, so this works really well as a personal training device in this sport! I also use it as a stretching helper.”

Mika K.

Because you can try out the MITT for free, there’s absolutely no risk to you.

Just download the free trial version now. You can use it for 10 different workouts. You’ll get first-hand knowledge of whether or not the Mobile Interval Training Timer is right for you. That’s better than looking at a picture on a website and just hoping the timer meets your expectations after you pay for the timer, and tax, and shipping.

Download MITT Free Trial

If you’re ready to buy, click on the button below. It’s only $4.95. Or after you’ve given
it a try and decided to buy it, just come back here and click on the Buy button:


Give it a shot and you’ll see. Your workouts are gonna get a lot easier.

To your health,

Mark Bowler

P.S. If for some reason you pass up on this offer, would you just do me one favor?
When you’re working out – and looking at your watch – would you make note of how this affects your workout? If it’s no big deal, that’s fine. If it’s a problem, though, remember that you can try MITT for free. So you may want to bookmark this page now so you can find it easily later. Or just download the free trial version of MITT now, so you don’t forget – after all, there’s absolutely no risk in giving it a try.

* Sounds and vibration don’t work on all phones – please try free version if you’re not sure if it will work on yours.

* For some Nokia phones (Series60), warning tones need to be enabled to get sound. In Series40 phones, make sure you have sounds enabled for applications.

* BlackBerry phones with CDMA (xx30 phones) can have only one player active. GSM phones can have two players. So, it is impossible to play sounds from media player and MITT simultaneously xx30 blackberry phones.


  1. Bob says:

    I would like a CONTINUOS sound during the work period and a different CONTINUOS sound during the rest period so that I would never have to look at my phone.

    Does MITT ahve this feature and i did not notice it?


  2. admin says:

    Hello Bob!
    This feature is unavailable :( But you can set custom sounds in Windows Mobile and PC versions. Just set your favorite songs for work and rest intervals :)

  3. Amber says:

    Sadly my phone is not supported :( This looks great though.

  4. ChrisK says:

    Hi there, product looks great! I use 3 different smartphones depending on the software that my clients prefer. What would be the all-inclusive cots of buying a multi-platform version? Thanks, Chris.

  5. admin says:

    For now one registration code fits for any platform version

  6. Dustbunny says:

    This is the best program ever..
    I use the program on a Nokia N8 and it works fine..
    Thank you!

  7. classifiedindian says:

    This is too soft. I need to make it much louder as my gym is really crowded and i can’t hear it if it is so soft! Any suggestions? I do not want to regret spending the $15. Can anyone help me out in this regard?

  8. admin says:

    Sound volume depends of phone model.
    I see several ways how to solve this problem:
    1. Use some kind of loudspeakers for your phone
    2. Use MITT for PC (free, no need to pay). May be you have laptop which is loud enough or use it with loudspeakers.
    3. Try another phone :)

  9. John Pilla says:

    I like this program. Out YMCA does have a large clock with a second hand in the stretch/all-purpose room I also use for my body weight exercising (Tabata Intervals). However, in the Push-Up position, and Mountain Climbers, obviously tough to watch the clock. So, having his program n my very basic cell phone works well.
    I also take an MP3 player with me. BUT, since my phone plays MP3 files, I am wondering if I can have both going on my cell phone at the same time? Playing music MP3 files and the MITT program n my cell phone simultaneously, so I only have one device with me at the gym. After all, I do not need a high quality MP3 sound/player while working out.

  10. peter pritchard says:

    can i put 1m low 3m medium 1m high for 4 reps on my blackberry 9300

  11. Ian says:

    Do you do an android version of this app I used it on a friend s windows phone and its brilliant just what I need?

  12. Thomas says:


    Tried the trial version on my SE K800i and loved it. Now i’ve changed phone to a SE X10 mini pro with Android. Does this MITT run on Android?

  13. Thomas says:

    I’ve used the trial version on my old phone and like it. Will it work with the Android system?

  14. Billy Boyle says:

    Hi just found out there has been an update to MITT for windows mobile.
    Is this a free update to 3.1.4 users (ORDER REFERENCE # 40765479) or would I need to buy a new copy to get the new features.

  15. Bill Ditter says:

    When setting the rounds to Inf (I assume infinity) When you start the workout the startup countdown runs but then the “Finish sound” sounds and the workout is over. Am I getting something wron?

  16. Billy Boyle says:

    Hi Just to say thanks for making this superd app for the phone. The Up-grade to new version went smoothly, thank.
    with the addition of my very own custom command mp3s I now have a sexy sounding trainer telling me to work harder and yet harder again.
    Again thanks for this great addition to the WM 6.5 family. Any chance you’ll be learning to build apps for WP7? Not having this app would be a great loss. :(

  17. Dave Perreault says:

    I bought this app for my blackberry, and its great.

    But now I have a droid, are you going to make me buy it again?



  18. William Senisi says:

    I love the timer for bike intervals. Sometimes the intervals COUNT UP instead of DOWN. How can I change from one to the other? (Blackberry Bold)

  19. Reporovo says:

    Hi.Your Interval timer Is great! I have one problem though.I would like for the backlight to remain on.Sometimes It does and sometimes It doesn’t.I can’t figure out why though.I can’t find a setting to keep It on.Does It depend on my phone backlight settings? The thing Is as I mentioned above , sometimes It remains on for the whole workout time but on most occasions It turns off after a few seconds.

  20. Fiona says:

    Thank you Mark! Everyone should know how great your program and support is. I had a computer oops and had to reload. No worries, I asked for help and at 5:30AM, my time, I got a positive reply in less than 5 minutes. I started using MITT a little over a year ago when I couldn’t run 2km. I’m now in the final leg of training for my 3rd half-marathon. Great, great product. Thanks, Fiona

  21. Mario says:

    I have a problem with my Nokia 3720 Classic. The Program works fine, but after 30 seconds the light switch off. I have not found any possibilities to change this. All functions on software and adjustments on my nokia tested. What do im wrong?

  22. Bev says:

    This great on my PC. But I realy whant it on my HTC Android smart phone. When???????

  23. Mary Gym says:

    I have all MAC products. Is there a version for this platform?

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